What is the Oeko-Tex certification?

Qu'est ce que la certification Oeko-Tex ?


MOST was created with the desire to offer the best in bed linen: Quality, durable bed linen without harmful chemicals. An environmentally friendly manufacturing process.


These laboratories test for harmful substances prohibited or regulated by law and chemicals that are known to be harmful to health. They also test for discoloration and acidity as a precautionary measure to safeguard health at all stages of production. A worldwide network of laboratories operate Oeko-Tex , which is a certification system for textile manufacturers. The intended use of the textiles determines the stringency of the tests: the longer and more direct the contact of the textile with the skin, the higher the requirements. All product components, without exception, must comply with these standards, including sewing thread, lining, buttons, etc. This process exceeds all other existing criteria for safety and environmental protection.


Some bed linen manufacturers choose organic cotton . However, organic cotton does not in any way guarantee an environmentally friendly manufacturing process and the non-use of harmful chemicals when dyeing textiles, for example. Fibers that are organically grown but treated with toxic chemicals may be labeled "ORGANIC", "ORGANIC COTTON", which is misleading.

Oeko-Tex certification is therefore the one and only way to ensure that bed linen is made without products harmful to your skin and that manufacturing has not negatively impacted the environment.


We want to make your bed a healthy space for you and your family. In addition to complying with the strictest standards, we make our bed linen in Portugal to ensure a respectful manufacture of men. Our workshop is a family business which, for four generations, has kept the passion for high-end textiles alive.

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