What is Egyptian cotton?

Egyptian cotton quality bed linen


There are many varieties of cotton with their own characteristics: Pima, Supima, Egyptian. Each of these varieties of cotton is grown in different countries. The main cotton producers are China, India, Egypt, etc.

Egypt has the particularity of growing the most prestigious cotton, which moreover commonly bears the name of Egyptian cotton or Giza cotton from Egypt. It designates a cotton of a very high quality, because it has the particularity of having the longest fibers (this is what defines the quality of a cotton).

Egypt: a fertile land

Gossypium barbadense is the plant that gives Egyptian cotton. It is grown on the banks of the Nile. The fertility of the agricultural land and the weather in this region favor the cultivation of this premium cotton. Indeed, Egypt brings together all the conditions to cultivate an exceptional long fiber cotton essential to the manufacture of high-end, soft, durable and comfortable bed linen .

Egyptian cotton - bed linen


Cotton has the advantage of being a natural material (unlike polyester), which is best for restful sleep. cotton is a "breathable" material that allows good circulation of body heat during your sleep.
But Egyptian cotton has the additional feature of having long, fine fibers . This detail may seem trivial but it makes all the difference.
The longer the fibers of the cotton, the more the fabric made will be soft and resistant. It is an undeniable guarantee of quality for the manufacture of high-end bed linen . Egyptian cotton represents only a tiny part of the world's textile production and is used for luxury products in bed linen , household linen or clothing.
This superior quality cotton owes its name to its provenance. It has been cultivated along the Nile Valley since the 19th century. Unlike other species of cotton, it is exclusively picked by hand to cause no damage to the fibers and maintain the quality of the fiber.
An Egyptian cotton fiber is twice as long as another variety of cotton which greatly reduces pilling and increases the life of the products.


MOST's ambition is to offer you high quality bed linen for comfortable nights. We work exclusively with Egyptian cotton , an exceptional cotton for soft and durable bed linen .

Our cotton as well as all the manufacturing stages of MOST bed linen are oeko-tex certified. We respect these precious fibers by not using any chemicals that could be harmful to the environment and your skin. A desire to respect and not alter this raw material of excellence.

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