Guide I The sensation

The MOST bolster will accommodate your head and neck with exceptional loft and support.
Made from the finest duck down and feathers, sourced from the French food industry.

Guide I Our colors

THE WHITE COLOR, a bright and neutral shade that evokes purity and simplicity. An elegant choice that will bring a touch of freshness and sophistication to your interior. Our range of feather bedding is designed to improve the quality of your sleep. It is made from premium quality duck down, sourced from the French food industry. The combed cotton cover reinforces its durability. Each piece in our collection is carefully packaged in a cotton storage bag.

Experiencing the extraordinary in ordinary moments.

Our mission: you always bring more comfort to your daily life.


Our mission is to create durable household linen with a timeless design.


A strict selection of the best fibers in the world, Egyptian cotton, French linen for high quality textiles.


Work to have a positive impact on all stages of manufacturing our products.