How does your bed linen influence your sleep?

Comment votre linge de lit influence votre sommeil ?

bed linen influences sleep

the influence of bed linen on your sleep

When it comes to getting a good night's sleep , comfort is key. And while it's tempting to blame the heat or drafts, your bed linens may be the reason for your insomnia.

Just like the mattress, the quality of bed linen can have a significant impact on the quality of your sleep. That's why opting for high-end bed linen is not trivial.

the science of sleep

One of the most common complaints of restless sleepers is feeling too hot or too cold. The human body works hard to regulate its internal temperature, and even a slight shift can change everything.

Our overall body temperature naturally drops slightly at night - by just a few degrees - to conserve energy and maintain internal temperature to protect our vital organs. Since we expend heat at night, it is important to choose quality sheets that do not retain this heat. When sheets retain body heat at night, our internal temperature rises, causing us to sweat and feel warm.

Choosing the right fabric for your bedding

Sheets , pillowcases or duvet covers can be made of synthetic materials, such as polyester, or natural materials, such as cotton or linen.

The attractive prices of polyester bed linen may be tempting at first glance, but this quality is the result of petroleum-based synthetic materials and will provide you with very little comfort while you sleep. Bed linen made from synthetic materials is less breathable and will quickly make you feel overheated as it traps warm air.

Natural fibres , such as cotton or linen, are a better choice to keep you comfortable all night long and offer incomparable comfort. Cotton and linen are the materials of choice for quality bed linen : absorbent, breathable, soft and durable. They help regulate your temperature by wicking away moisture and letting air in. Regulated body temperature means you'll stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter and fit all year round.

Choose natural fibers

Because it is a very breathable natural material, cotton is an extremely popular fiber for sheets. But there are notable differences between cottons.

Higher quality cotton, like the Egyptian cotton used to make high-end bed linens, will stay breathable and soft longer. Cotton is a versatile fabric. It is available aswashed cotton percale or cotton sateen . It can also be useful to change sheets according to the seasons. You may find that the cool, ultra-breathable cotton percale is ideal for the warmest nights. On the other hand, we will tend to favor cotton satin for the harshest nights of winter.

Regarding linen , it is an ecological fiber because it requires little water to grow and is extremely durable over time. It is perfectly resistant to the vagaries of time and life in general. It is a fiber that adapts perfectly to different temperatures and seasonal changes. The fiber stretches or relaxes depending on the heat to allow your body to breathe as much as possible.

bed linen and sleep

The advantages of choosing Premium quality bed linen

As we have just seen, choosing quality bed linen is a key element for sleeping well. And if you still doubt the effects that high-end bed linen can have on your sleep, here are some advantages to it.

You are more productive and focused

According to research, getting a good night's sleep makes you more productive during the day. In addition to helping you stay focused and giving you lots of extra energy, a good night's sleep of 6-8 hours can improve your ability to make accurate split-second decisions at work, improving your productivity and your performance.

You feel happier

Everyone knows that sleeping poorly usually ends up making you grumpy, but did you know that sleep actually impacts your overall mental health?

Indeed, getting the proper amount of rest (i.e. 6-8 hours) each night can fight depression and promote emotional stability.

A better memory

A good night's sleep in quality sheets can not only help you stay focused, but also improve your memory, and most importantly, your ability to learn. Research shows that during quality sleep, you can actually strengthen your memories and review skills you learned while awake (a process known to scientists as “consolidation”). Which means the better you sleep, the more likely you are to retain important information.

Your immune system is getting stronger

During sleep, your body produces proteins (called cytokines) that stimulate the immune system. This is why people who don't get enough rest are much more likely to get sick after being exposed to a virus (like a cold or the flu).

Worse, sleep deprivation can also affect how long it takes to recover once you're sick.

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