These colors you will see everywhere in 2020.

couleurs tendances 2020 - MOST


Exit millennial pink, hello sandy beige... The year 2020 marks the great return of warm neutral colours.

Terracotta, brown, beige, off-white, these colors are invading decoration magazines and our favorite Instagram accounts. We predict that warmer tones will continue to dominate the interior design landscape.


In 2020, brown is the new grey. We anticipate that warmer tones will continue to dominate the interior design landscape, which we are happy about. Right now, 70s and mid-century modern design are both experiencing a resurgence, which means brown is the color of the moment.


A more neutral approach to brown, beige sand is also a new twist on the old favorite, gray. It's a versatile color and lends itself well to the wood and rattan trend that we don't see waning anytime soon. Balance warm tones with cool gray and white accents.


It is said that the color green relaxes us and connects us to nature. For 2020, khaki is a beautiful green tone that perfectly represents the desire to create a peaceful haven at home to escape from the daily hustle and bustle. Its soft gray undertones mean you can pair this color with Scandi furniture or vintage finds with equally successful results.


We all remember how millennial pink dominated the home decor landscape in 2017. Well, we're here to bring you the "adult version" for 2020, the peach color! Warmer, richer and more versatile, you can use this color in any room of the house.


In 2020, adopt the off-white color, much less boring than classic white! The off-white is more subdued and pulls slightly towards beige, honey, or even grey.

It will be perfect for illuminating a bedroom, a living room, a kitchen, an office poorly lit by natural light.

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