What the price of bed linen hides.

Pour le linge de lit est aussi cher


You've probably already set foot in a department store on the linens floor. Once you arrived in front of the bed linen department, you certainly felt a little lost in front of the quantity of references packed in plastic bags with a terrible difficulty in knowing which product would suit you best.

To help you see more clearly, you have certainly looked at the name of the brands, the number of threads / cm2 or the type of material and then finally the price. And there you wonder what can justify such a high price for your bed linen, however comfortable it may be. And since you still don't see any more clearly after having checked everything, you go for the cheapest product out of spite or the most expensive hoping that it is the best product (without certainty). After such an experience, it is very likely that you will never set foot in the bed linen department of this department store.

Like the vast majority of consumers, price always seems to be a good indicator of quality , but this is less and less true and even more so in the textile industry.

Although some traditional brands rely on quality raw materials to manufacture their products, others are less transparent in justifying their price. We'll show you everything you pay for when you buy a bedding set and you'll see that some brands really don't care about consumers.

Traditional physical stores

Maintaining and managing a physical store generates significant costs related to more or less significant rent depending on the location and surface area, expenses related to the operation of the store and the salaries of the sales teams.

A department store also resells brands that are not necessarily its own, so you have to add the margin of this additional intermediary to the price you will pay.

A brand that sells exclusively directly on the internet like Most can offer more attractive prices that only reflect the quality of the product itself and no longer the entire sales system around it.

License fees

How much can a brand name cost? A dozen, a hundred thousand euros and sometimes several millions, but you have nothing but a name on a product.

Many bed linen manufacturers pay its exorbitant fees to put a big brand name on their products, but are also sold as a private label right next to it. They just needed to change the packaging but the two products are identical. For example, you can pay 5 to 6 times the price for a sheet on which the manufacturer has simply paid for a license when you should pay less than 80 euros.

Thread count can be misleading

Like many other things before, thread count was created as a marketing tool by bed linen brands . This indicator allowed them to pass off certain products as luxury items.

First, this number can be truncated because a very common technique to artificially "increase" the number of threads is to count each fiber contained in the manufacture of a thread. Thus, in a so-called luxury sheet with more than 400 threads/cm, this clearly indicates that the above technique has been used.

You can find soft sheets without high thread counts. It is simply necessary that the cotton be of good quality and that the weave (percale or satin) be well done.

The little details that don't make the difference

Stitched designs, logos or home embroideries drive up the price of any bed linen and that's not what matters the most. If you are looking for clean and very comfortable bed linen for everyday life, this is where Most sheets come into their own. The Most bed linen sets have been designed to be sober, chic and last over time.

The classic fees

All brands, without exception, have fees that they must factor into the final price.

The price of raw materials which will be higher or lower depending on the quality of the latter. A long fiber Egyptian cotton is by definition more expensive than a classic cotton.

Manufacturing costs will vary depending on the price of labor in the country, but also depending on the production method and the certifications chosen (fair trade, sustainable, oeko-tex, etc.).

The final price is also impacted by the cost of transporting the goods.

The MOST difference

We designed Most as a brand with strong values: Ethical, Sustainable and timeless.

We only distribute our products through our website and without intermediaries to offer you the best price and above all the fairest price all year round.

All our collections are made in a family workshop in Guimaraes, Portugal, to limit our environmental impact as much as possible, while highlighting the know-how of the best craftsmen in the world.

Our high-end bed linen has been designed in France to be very functional and timeless. We only wanted to highlight the details that matter and bring you real comfort. Our pillowcases have a wraparound closure to hold your pillow up all night. Our duvet cover is made with an invisible button closure for maximum sobriety. Finally, our sheets are designed to adapt to mattresses up to 30cm thick.

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