Percale or satin: What are the differences?

Percale ou satin: Quelles différences ?
cotton percale vs cotton sateen

Cotton percale vs cotton sateen!

Percale and satin are two yarn weaving techniques, mainly in cotton, which give a completely different look and feel.

Your choice should only be about the effect you are looking for and the touch you want to feel when you get into your sheets. If you are still hesitating between cotton sateen and cotton percale , you will quickly form your own opinion.

The different weaving techniques: Percale and satin

What is cotton percale?

Most white cotton percale

Our cotton percale bed linen is made from Egyptian cotton , then combed, in order to remove any roughness, which gives it incomparable softness . The quality of the cotton means that the MOST percale becomes softer and softer with every wash.

The way the percale is woven gives it a matte appearance and a lightness that is all the more appreciable in summer . The principle of weaving the percale is to pass a thread below, then a thread above in a regular way.

What is cotton sateen?

White cotton-satin Most

Our cotton sateen bed linen is made with the same cotton as our percale. A premium Egyptian cotton .

Cotton sateen offers a slightly shinier look and is more akin to luxury than percale. This shiny effect always tends to fade slightly over time, but the material becomes softer and softer .

The way the weaving is done, with one thread below and three threads above, gives this satiny and slightly heavier appearance, which makes it warmer and softer for exceptional comfort all year round.

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